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"I really enjoyed taking this course. It is full of detailed information regarding all aspects of home staging from the basic "what is home staging?" to wall art hanging heights and what to look for in a home. I appreciate all the time and effort that went into the content of this course as well as all the downloads and personalized templates. I highly recommend it for anyone that is interested in home staging. I feel that I learned way more information than I originally thought would be included in the course and I completed it feeling confident in my knowledge and what was presented. The value for what you get it incredible."

Nicole Pletz RESP Graduate

"I enjoyed everything that I learned and Shauna Lynn, I think you are very confident and a great instructor. Thank you again for all of the knowledgeable information."

Melisia Kelly SLS Academy Student

"Attending SLS Academy was one of the best things I did for myself! Not only did I gain valuable information and the tools to become a successful stager, but it has given me the confidence to follow my passion. Thank you Shauna Lynn, you have been such an inspiration!"

Dawn Dalke RESP Graduate