DATE: May 3rd, 2017
 4:00 PM EDT

Do you know who your ideal client is, and how to reach them? Understanding who you are marketing to is first step in creating any marketing campaign.

Next, you will need to understand what your message is – do you have a clear understanding of who you are, and what sets you apart from the competition? Why are you here? What do you bring to the table (besides the table itself)?

Have you discovered your awesomeness?

This is the first step to creating a clearly focused marketing plan – stop wasting money on ineffective marketing and learn what you need to know to maximize your marketing budget!

During the webinar you’ll discover:

  How to identify your ideal client, and learn where to find them
  How to target your services to meet the needs of your ideal clients
  Identifying your awesomeness – discover what sets you apart!
  How to create a clear mission statement, and how this will help you to attract your ideal clients
  Plus, so much more!

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Presented by:
Shauna Lynn Simon

DATE: May 3rd, 2017
 4:00 PM EDT

If you register and cannot attend, don’t worry, we’ll send you a full recording the day after the live webinar.

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