We currently do not have any scheduled in-class trainings

At this time, we have put our next in-class trainings on hold while we re-vamp the material. While we appreciate the benefits of in-class training for the interaction and hands-on approach that it offers, the drawback is in the delivery of a large amount of material over a short period of time. With this in mind, we are restructuring our in-class training to combine the best aspects of both, and we will not be scheduling our next training until this is finalized (we are aiming for early 2017). If you are interested in being the first to know when we have finalized the details, and want to see an in-class training in your area, please complete the form below.

That said, we have created our online training program to offer a comprehensive and interactive platform. Click here to learn more about our online training program.

RESP In-Class Training


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Can’t wait for an in-class near you? You’re in luck! Our Real Estate Staging Professional Certification Training program is ONLINE!

Not sure if home staging is the right career for you?

Interested in getting a glimpse into the industry?

Whether you’ve already launched your home staging business, or you’re trying to decide if this is the right career choice, our Home Staging Career Webinar will give you the answers you need. Get started today in the world of home staging!

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What you’ll learn:

  • How to get started in home staging – registering and launching your business
  • What costs you can expect when starting a home staging business
  • How to calculate your sales and costs forecasts
  • The importance of a business plan, and how to choose the right business model for your home staging business (to own or not to own home staging inventory)

Hosted by multi-award winning Shauna Lynn Simon, Founder and Lead Creative Solutions provider at Beyond The Stage Homes.

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