Home Staging Consult Checklist

Download This Free Home Consult Staging Checklist So Your Next Consultation Is Both Worry And Trouble Free!

How To Prepare For Your Next Home Staging Consultation!

The first time you meet a prospective client, you need to be on your game…  And that includes having the right things with you to get the job done!

Download this FREE checklist now to discover…

  • What you should have in your client file for the first meeting…
  • One critical item that you can pick up at your local hardware store that’ll help your clients visualize their space…
  • A piece of hardware that’ll make basements and attics a lot more friendly…
  • Plus a lot more!

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“<Shauna Lynn> is always prepared and very knowledgeable about the Home Staging field. Her years of experience in design and home staging allow her to speak with great confidence about the ups and downs of running a Home Staging business.”

Annette Dearling-Manchester,
Professor, Sheridan College

“These girls clearly love their jobs and it really shows through their enthusiasm!  This got me excited for a potential future in staging.”

Jess Peters
Sheridan College Student

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