DATE: February 23rd
 4:00 PM EDT

Are you tired of wrestling with your computer software? Are you frustrated because you know there’s an easier way? You are not alone. Each year, $1.3 trillion dollars is wasted because people aren’t using their software efficiently. Jackie Kiadii can teach you how to take control of your workday by learning how to use your software the right way. Her training focuses on shortcuts, tips and tricks to help her students get maximum benefit from their software — so they can get their work done more quickly and efficiently.

During the webinar you’ll discover:

  Why it pays to learn shortcuts
  Tips, tricks and shortcuts that work throughout Microsoft Office. These are shortcuts you can use in Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and more (plus program specific shortcuts that will save you time and efforts)
  How to add photos easily to dress up your documents
  How to easily create a photo album to showcase your portfolio
  Plus, so much more!

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Featured Host
Jackie Kiadii of Phoenix Computer Consultants, LLC

DATE: February 23rd
 4:00 PM EDT


If you register and cannot attend, don’t worry, we’ll send you a full recording the day after the live webinar.

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