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Organizing Your Business to Get it Working for You


In order to be profitable as a home stager, you need to be efficient. Get your business organized, and spend more time working in your business than on your business!

Steps of Service: Managing Your Home Staging Projects


In order to be profitable as a home stager, you need to be efficient. Your business is built on experiences, and the right systems will help to ensure that your client’s home staging experience is a favourable one (and a profitable one for you).

Build Your Brand to Build Your Business


Branding is a cost-effective method of reaching your client, and extends from how you answer your phones, to what you and your team wear, and even your e-mail signature – are you maximizing your brand potential and making it work for you?

Transform Your Approach to Color Selection


Color Secrets Revealed with JoAnne Lenart-Weary

What Sets You Apart? Discovering Your Awesomeness


Learn who your ideal client is, and how to create your message to reach them.

Marketing Home Staging to Homeowners


Reach homeowners directly, and improve your reach to REAs with these simple, low-cost techniques.

Selling You with Youtube


Video marketing is the way of the future, and one of the greatest tools available to you to help you to build your relationship with a client, before you have even met!

Defining Your Home Staging Services & Setting Your Pricing


Get paid your worth, and never compete on price again!

Boring Legal Stuff You Need to Know


How to set up your policies, procedures, contracts and more (don’t worry…we make it pretty interesting).

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